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Issues the overseas companies can see:

  • Cannot build trust between employees
  • High employee turnover rate
  • Settling for second best when they are out of sight, lack of moral
  • Employees donot apologize, don’t thank you, there is no compromising spirit
  • There is a barrier between foreigners and Japanese
  • Constrained by factions,stick together in groups
  • Confounded by hierarchy consciousness

Through UNDOKAI employees will:

  • Overcoming language barriers and cultural differences, build trust relationships
  • Be part of moral education, improve manners
  • Because employees are individualistic, they’ll participate in team building activities and learn the importance of teamwork.
  • Natural communicationthrough sports, creating an open workplace environment
    (Constructing cooperative relationships in business, deterring misbehavior)

Contribute to improving productivity and business performance.

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Educational Effect

After the athletic meeting held at elementary school in Thailand and Laos in 1015, we conducted a written survey with the children.
※Questionnaires are targeted at approx. 250 students in Thailand and approx. 500 students in Laos.

  • Thank you for giving us such a wonderful opportunity!
  • We have enjoyed this new type of sports event. 。
  • The planning and operation of this UNDOKAIwas the best/fantastic.
  • Our son was very pleased, fantastic!
  • Children were laughing all day long, I can’t forget those smiling faces.
  • Although my son was playing seriously, he was also laughing.
  • I was surprised that the process of the UNDOKAI was very smooth, thanks for that.
  • Tug of war was very fun.
  • Our children have learned a lot from this Japanese event.
  • A wonderful day, I am proud of our students.
  • Through different games theyhave shared their different talent, that was the best thing what was happened.
  • Totally awesome, absolutely I have never seenanything else like it until today.
  • I was Excited, many thanks.
  • It was a very good event.
  • Students have learned an important lesson of competition and collaboration.
  • It was a very good chance to learn Japanese culture.
  • Children love sporting events.
  • I think children have learned many things through this event.
  • I was excited and I enjoyed it, thank you very much!
  • They enjoyed getting physical activity through different games.
  • You organized a perfect event.
  • Thank you for offering us such enjoyable and healthy event.
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We accept requests for UNDOKAI from anywhere in the world.

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