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Promotion Concept

We connect consumers and market stogether.

  • A big business chance for a company that intends to develop overseas markets.
  • It is possible for companies to publicize themselves by taking advantage of organizing UNDOKAI.
    (Setting exhibition booth, announcing products and company name, circulating leaflets, trying athletic shoes on, holding a free drink tasting event, etc.)
Create a chance to boost a big seller in Japan to India while organizing UNDOKAI at school and community like we do in Japan. (If you allow us to hold a Japanese Undokai (like we do in Japan) in India, it will create a chance for Japanese goods to be sold in India and potentially become a big hit.)
Photo equipment and video camera that record your children’s gallant appearances.
Shoes to win at UNDOKAI
Sweets and cool drinks deserved/suitable for hot India.
Enjoyable lunch time for family.

Contents of Promotion

1 Publish your companies’ logo and internet link for all promotional activities.
2 Publish youcompanies’ logo and website link on marketing campaign and receive e-mail support from the media.
3 Displayyourcompanies’ logo and pictures on sponsor notice board thatis Installed at the venue.
4 Duringthe UNDOKAI, we’ll advertise your products for a minute or so.
5 Offer promotional booth
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Request your cooperation

We would like to provide unforgettable memories forthe children through Japanese UNDOKAI.

We are looking for co-operation with the following:

  • ooperation for Publicity
  • Donation of Funds
  • Soft Drinks and Sweets
  • Participation Award (your own products/ giveaways, etc.)
  • Victory Prizes
  • Measures to combatHeatstroke and Promote health
  • Equipment (for UNDOKAI)
  • School Equipment (for school)
  • Operational Man Power (Volunteers)
  • Photography (data to be delivered to the school)

Appreciate your thought with others.
Aside from the things mentioned above, please let us know your other thoughts and feelings

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