What is UNDOKAI World Caravan?

By spreading “UNDOKAI” as Japanese culture around the world,

1.Introduce the value of Japanese sports culture that we are proud of.
2.Solve various social issues that the world faces.
3.Generate new marketsaroundthe world.

Origin of UNDOKAI

The Origins of “UNDOKAI” was said to be from United Kingdom. However, it was developed neither for games nor for acting performance purposes. The first “UNDOKAI”was organized during the Meiji Period in Japan. The first Minister of Education, Mr. Arinori Mori, recommended “UNDOKAI” to schools for group exercises such as gymnastics. However, no school yardswere available at that time instead temples and shrines grounds were used to organize UNDOKAI.

Since then, local communities have started to participate in “UNDOKAI”.Currently, “Tamaire”(Ball-toss game) is an alteration from basketball and “Kibasen” has been created for the purposes of promoting Japan’s historical political culture. “Tug-of-War” was an initiative from Japan’s “crop and fish harvest” festival in order to celebrate participating community events. Therefore, since then UNDOKAIhave been held in autumn.

Significance of UNDOKAI(sports meet) in Japan

As part of education at Japanese schools, and corporate recreation “UNDOKAI” is very popular and is one of part of Japan’s sports culture that Japan is proud of. UNDOKAI is not only just a sports competition, but also includes features where competitors can compete without regard to physical abilities, age, sex and is characterized by a lot of competitions where teamwork is required.

  • UNDOKAI (sports meet) within school education

    In the case of Japanese schools, rehearsalusually starts around 1 month before the event, with things like the entry parade, radio exercise, dance exercises, competition exercises, etc being rehearsed. This is done as a part of physical education class preparing for the day. Through UNDOKAI, students learn group behavior, teamwork, discipline, competitive consciousness, health promotion, etc.
  • Regional UNDOKAI

    By strengthening the exchange with local residents, a comfortable city can be built. It is thought to; contribute to suppression/ reduction of crime, to help the elderly and disabled, to control/reduce the numbers of elderly residents dying alone. solitary death, etc.
    “reduce the numbers of elderly residents dying alone. solitary death, etc.” – this will need to be changed in the Japanese text I think.
  • Corporate UNDOKAI

    In Japan, a grand UNDOKAI is held by all employees and is aimed at fostering a sense of unity in the organization, active association of communication, improving health, improving job/decreases employee turnover rate, giving thanks to the family.

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